Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Forgot Win XP to resolve password problems

銆怰EVIEW銆?If you install the Windows XP operating system, the system inadvertently forgot login "*****" password, you can NET command to solve the problem if you install the Windows XP operating system, accidentally forget the system login user "*****" password, you can NET command to resolve the issue:

Windows XP, provides a "net user" command, which can add, modify user account information, the syntax is:

net user [UserName [Password | *] [options]] [/ domain]

net user [UserName (Password | *) / add [options] [/ domain]

net user [UserName [/ delete] [/ domain]]

We are now in order to restore the local user "*****" password to illustrate the steps to solve the forgotten password:

1, restart the computer, immediately after the startup screen appears, press the F8 key, select "Safe Mode with Command line."

2, run the end of the process, the system lists the system super user "administrator" and a local user "*****" options menu, mouse click "administrator", enter the command line mode.

3, type the command: "net user backup bin bin_old conf config crawler.tar.gz crawler_bin.tar.gz data eshow eshow_sitemap.html generate.sh google.html google.html.md5 log maint news: 10 news: 11 news: 12 news: 13 news: 14 news: 15 news: 16 news: 17 news: 18 news: 2 news: 3 news: 4 news: 5 news: 6 news: 7 news: 8 news: 9 outboundLinksMgr.sql seeds sitemap.html svn tasks tmp xml2dict-2008.6-tar.gz xml2dict-read-only 123456 / add ", forced to "*****" user's password changed to" 123456. " To this add a new user (such as: user name is abcdef, password is 123456), please type "net user abcdef 123456 / add", add the following can be "net localgroup administrators abcdef / add" command will upgrade the system user Management group "administrators" of the user, and it has super rights.

4, restart the computer, select the normal mode, you can use to change the password after the "123456" user has logged "*****".


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